Privacy policy

Handling of personal data at Gramont Capital

Gramont Capital handles all personal data in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act and legislation governing the finance and investment sector. Gramont Capital ensures privacy and confidentiality in the handling of personal data. Personal data is used for the purposes of managing customer relationships, offering products and services, marketing, and risk management. Gramont Capital utilizes several data files for the purpose managing personal data. A separate data file description has been drawn for each file. The other data file descriptions are available at Gramont Capital offices, and can also be requested by mail.The data files containing personal data consist of information acquired from the data subject, representatives of the data subject, public records maintained by authorities, and from the credit data file. In addition to this, phone conversations with Gramont Capital representatives and messages may be recorded so that their contents can later be confirmed. Gramont Capital will not disclose any information to third parties without the consent of the data subject, unless required by law.

Rights of the data subject

All data subjects entered in the data file have the right of access to the data concerning themselves. The access will be provided free of charge once a year (12 months). The request for the right of access must be made in writing or in person with the data file controller. Each data subject is also entitled to demand that any incorrect data concerning the data subject possibly entered in the data file be corrected or that any possible incomplete data be completed. Data subjects also have the right to prohibit the use of their information for direct marketing purposes. Please send requests to check, correct or complete data file information to: Gramont Capital, Kalevankatu 17A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland. The data subjects must prove their identity.

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